See Kant

  • Qualia is the plural of QUALE.
  • A quale is a perceptual EVENT within the brain, a PHENOMENON of personal experience.
  • The event is the end result of cascaded neurological processes.
  • e.g., a visual QUALE is the culminating event in the following cascade:
    • photons strike an external entity, a NOUMENON [perhaps a cat]
    • the photons enter the eye and are focused upon the RETINA, forming a two-dimensional image on a surface of nerve receptors.
    • the nerve receptors induce streams of nerve impulses to flow in parallel nerve cables to various processors and filters within the brain.
    • eventually, the filtering and processing results in a QUALE, a personal perceptual event PHENOMENON, an experience.
    • and voila! we "see" the cat
  • In the case of a cat, we can confirm the visual quale with tactile and auditory qualia
  • For quarks and positrons, the noumenon/phenomenon dichotomy is starker. We have only the PHENOMENA1 to go by. :o)
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