Rand, Ayn

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Salient features of her background

  • She was derived from the fledgling technocratic entrepaneurial community [TEC] of Russia.
  • The TEC had been oppressed by the autocratic populist tradition [APT] of Russia.
  • The Russian Revolution was a catastrophic new phase of the APT from the TEC point of view.

Importance of Ayn Rand

  • She was a morale-booster for the entrepaneurial community in a time of crisis for capitalism.
  • The GREAT DEPRESSION had devastated the capitalist world.
  • Investors were afraid to create new job-creating ventures.
  • Rand tackled this problem by generating a HERO mythos for entrepaneurs.

Philosophy … "For The New Intellectual" … introduction

  • Ayn Rand was in love with philosophy … her own
  • Kant, the father of modern western philosophy, was her arch villain, the HEAD WITCHDOCTOR
    • Rand misunderstood Kant to have said that the human mind is impotent in understanding reality.
    • Kant was actually OPTIMISTIC, saying that we can understand things outside of ordinary experience by building mathematical models of them.
  • In her mind philosophers had abdicated their responsibility: to be the intellectual sidekick of the BUSINESSMAN.
  • In her scenario:
    • Until the 19th century, all history was dominated by ATTILA and the WITCHDOCTOR, who enslaved the productive people physically and mentally, respectively
    • Businessmen created a new country, America, where the businessman was free to create wealth
    • At about the same time, philosophers became the new ATTILLAS and WITCHDOCTORS, creating philosophies which modelled the human maind as impotent.
  • Are we to take this scenario at face value? Or is this yet another example of egocentric literary hucksterism? As with the contemplation of extraterrestrial life, we can only guess.


  • At any rate, Ayn was a delightful little rascal!
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