Kant, Immanuel



Importance of Kant

  • Kant generated a formal system of philosophy [ epistemology ] for a modern approach to scientific investigation.

Importance of noumenon/phenomenon: PHENOMENALISM.

  • Kant correctly observed that we have no direct connection with things that happen outside of us [NOUMENA,plural of NOUMENON].
  • We experience qualia, which are perceptual events in our brains, and which are the end result of a number of cascaded neurological processes.
  • The QUALE [the singular of qualia] is a PHENOMENON which is associated with a NOUMENON, which is an event that happened "out there".
  • We have no DIRECT connection to the NOUMENON.
  • We do not observe directly how things behave "out there".
  • We observe how PHENOMENA behave within our A PRIORI inner space.
  • Thus space and time are properties of our neurological apparatus, rather than actual things "out there".
  • The above statements form the basis of the philosophical category of PHENOMENALISM.

Kant and Relativity.

  • Einstein saw the importance of Kant's epistemological model, and used it to generate THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS.

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